Paint Spraying Services

We provide the best paint spraying services in the Midlands area. Our paint spraying team cover Coventry, Birmingham, Leicester, Northampton being the major cities. But we also cover smaller towns like Leamington Spa, Warwick, Solihull and Stratford Upon Avon.

Our team has extensive experience in painting services.

We understand how important it is to get your project done quickly, this is why we have put into a quick quoting system to get you a quick price for your next project.

We are alway conscious that you want your project booking in as soon as possible and we are as efficient as possible on the job so we are quickly finished. This is because no one will want a spraying team hanging around longer than is needed.

Examples of common Paint Spraying Projects and why they are popular

Paint spraying is a great way to save time and money on replacing your homes windows and external doors. Over time both UPVC windows and UPVC doors tarnish and start to look old and dirty.

This is just a natural thing that will happen over time on things open to the elements. This is why it is so popular to repaint UPVC windows and doors.

When your UPVC doors and UPVC windows have started to look old and dirty previously you only ever had the option to replace these. The cost to replace these items is very costly especially when the functioning of them is still like they should be.

This is where spray painting fills the gap in the market. Spray painting UPVC brings it back to looking like new again whether its windows or doors.

The other reason why people have their windows and doors resprayed is that they can choose another colour.

Years ago UPVC windows and doors only came in white but now people want their UPVC doors and windows to be specific colours and so the respraying of them fulfils that.

It’s not only UPVC windows and doors that can be spray painted. Other popular things around the house like a conservatory, garage doors and even soffits and cladding on houses get resprayed nowadays rather than replacing.

But internally we also get asked to respray kitchen cabinets, again these are very costly to replace. So to refresh them or change the colour, respraying them is a much cheaper option.

Resprayed windows is one of our paint spraying services

Why use a Professional for your Spray Painting?

Paint spraying services has grown and grown over recent years. The reason for the growth is the advancement of paint and coatings that can repaint UPVC. And as this has grown the ability to mix thousand of colours has made it even more popular.

Spray painting is a fast and efficient way to cover large areas. It can be done by professionals or DIYers, but recommend to only use a professional like ourselves.

This is because a professional like ourselves will only use the best quality of paint, in fact what we use is a specially formulated coating. We have trained in how to use it, for example knowing what are the best weather conditions, how to prepare to apply it that sort of thing. For this reason we can give our customers a 10 Year Guarantee.

The process for spraying UPVC is vital, this is what we do:

First Step:
Painting can start after the surface has been well cleaned and ready. A minimum of three layers of paint should be applied to the UPVC, but depending on the colour you choose, it can need more to guarantee that the UPVC is properly covered.

Second Step:
Give the paint time to dry. You should give it around 30 minutes to dry after spray painting. After that, ensure sure a layer of colour-coordinated paint has been applied and that the finish is faultless.

Third Step:
Take away any protective coverings. Remove all coverings to show your UPVC painted items once they have dried completely.

After picture of a door spray painted


If you are looking for good quality spray painters, contact us today. We offer a FREE No Obligation Quote on respraying your major UPVC items as well as kitchen units.

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