Does UPVC Paint Spraying work?

UPVC paint spraying after pic

To guarantee paint spraying uPVC the area that will be painted must be clean and clear. We use a specially made cleaner to clean UPVC. This is a detergent that is good for the earth. It cleans the UPVC very well, getting rid of road film, dirt, and organic matter.

We will move anything that gets in the way if we are spray painting outside. If we’re painting inside, we’ll move the furniture or put plastic over it. Sheets are used to protect the floors and rugs.

Then, mask off the area.

This is a very important step in the process of UPVC spray painting. Any places close to the spray zone that we don’t want to paint, we cover with masking tape.

If needed, we take off all door and window locks and hardware to make sure the finish is perfect behind them.

Then we go to paint spray the uPVC.

When we’re sure that all areas are clean and properly covered, we can start spray painting. We set up specialised spray painting equipment right where we use it. We only need 10 minutes to set up, and then we’re ready to go.

The UPVC is sprayed with three coats of a special spray paint which we call a coating. We take our time when we spray so that the spread is even. We do one “section” or “window” at a time. If we are spray painting several windows, we will jump from one to the next.

Then the last step guaranteed a perfect finish. This is why you would want to use a professional upvc spraying company like ourselves.
We do a full check of the quality of our work and re spray paint any spots that need it. On the last day of work, we’ll fix any problems that we or the customer find.
This is why we can offer our clients 10 year guarantee on our spray painting services.

UPVC Paint Spraying After Pic
UPVC Paint Spraying After Pic

Paint spraying does work!

You can paint uPVC windows and doors to make them a different colour or to give them a new look. This is as long as the covering is put on by a professional and care is taken, it should last at least 10 years.

It’s important to remember that painting uPVC is not an easy job. You could just grab a can of spray paint and go for it, but the finish wouldn’t be good. You could use a spray paint gun, but without practise, you wouldn’t get a factory finish.

If the goal of UPVC paint spraying is to change the colour so that it looks like it was made in the new colour, the paint/coating system must be applied by a professional using industrial-grade spray painting tools.
This is the only way to get a factory finish that looks great.

How well does spray paint work on plastic?

Spray paint made for plastic can be used on UPVC as long as it reacts with it on a molecular level. Plastic paints that only stick to UPVC tend to come off over time, which can cause flaking, peeling, breaking, bubbling, and other flaws.

The reason for this is that uPVC is made of resins that leak out over time. This is especially true for uPVC that is brand new. Paint that only sticks to uPVC will come off, but paint that links with it at the molecular level can’t come off.

Our own paints, which are made for us in Europe, can bond with UPVC at the molecular level. With both paints, you don’t need a primer because the first coat of paint works as the primer. Our paints form a cross-bond with the uPVC, and so we can guarantee the finish for 10 years.

Preparation for UPVC Paint Spraying
Preparation for UPVC Paint Spraying

How long should UPVC spraying last?

Our UPVC paint spraying changes the colour permanently, as long as the paint sticks to the plastic molecules. We have so much faith in our UPVC coating method that we guarantee the work we do spraying it for 10 years.

If you are worried about paint cracking, peeling, or bubbling, we can tell you that this only happens when the UPVC spraying is done wrong. If everything is right, there is no reason for the paint on UPVC to peel off the surface.

We bring high-quality finishes for uPVC direct to you. If you want to know more about our paint spraying for UPVC please contact us at Midlands UPVC Coatings Ltd.

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