Common Questions about DIY and Professional UPVC Painting

UPVC is a common material used for windows, doors, and other construction external features. Painting uPVC can be a cost-effective approach to update the appearance of these surfaces.

Here are some frequently asked questions about painting uPVC for those who do it themselves as well as those who use a professional upvc painting firm like Midland UPVC Coatings Ltd.

pic of whole house upvc painting

How much does upvc painting cost?

Every project is unique, window spraying cost, for example, will differ if included in the whole house painting cost.

To give you an idea of how much window spraying cost, very small windows can range from £50 to £100, while windows on their own can start at £150.

We will provide you with a quote when we have surveyed your home or received specific information about the repair you want.

All quotes are fixed for 30 days, and our pricing are competitive.

Does upvc painting take very long?

We can do most projects in a single day.
Painting a garage door will take us a few hours, whereas painting a 4-bed house will take us about a day. We consistently strike the right balance between efficiency and quality workmanship.

What kind of paint should I use on uPVC?

If you do it yourself, choose a high-quality, exterior-grade acrylic paint that is specifically developed for use on uPVC surfaces. These paints are intended to stick effectively on plastic and to be long-lasting.

Is it necessary to prime uPVC before painting?

Yes, an uPVC primer is advised before painting. A primer improves paint adhesion and results in a smoother finish.

How should I prepare the uPVC surface before painting?

Clean the surface well to remove debris, dust, and any existing paint. Use an uPVC cleaner or a solution of warm soapy water. Allow to dry thoroughly before painting.

Can I entirely change the colour of the uPVC?

Yes, by applying a coat of the appropriate paint colour, you may entirely change the colour of uPVC. However, it is critical to select a paint colour that is lighter than the original uPVC colour, as deeper colours might absorb more heat and cause warping.

What colours are available?

This is a frequently asked topic about our own UPVC painting. We offer a full colour palette, but we can also mix colours for you.

So, if you have your heart set on something particular, we can make it happen.

Should I use a brush, roller, or spray paint to paint uPVC?

For minor areas, a brush or roller can be used, but for larger surfaces, such as uPVC windows or doors, a spray gun offers a more even and professional finish. This is one of the reasons to hire a UPVC painting company.

They have all of the professional spraying equipment and a lot of experience with it.

How many coats of paint are required?

For uPVC surfaces, two coats of paint are often suggested. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for drying times between coats.

Can I paint uPVC in cold or humid weather?

It’s ideal to paint uPVC in moderate, dry weather. The drying and curing processes of paint might be hampered by cold or humid weather.

What kind of finish will the paint have?

We provide you an option. You can have it matte, satin, or glossy. Matte has no sheen, satin has 30% shine, and gloss has 100% shine. You have the option. Most of our customers choose a satin finish and go straight down the middle.

Is there any upkeep required after painting uPVC?

Touch-ups or repainting of painted uPVC surfaces may be required over time to maintain their appearance. Regular cleaning can also help to extend the life of the paint.

How long does painted uPVC last?

The longevity of painted uPVC is mostly determined by the quality of the paint used and the climatic conditions it is subjected to. High-quality paint jobs can last for years.

Remember that good surface preparation and the use of the suitable products are critical for successful UPVC painting. It’s often a good idea to check with a professional or follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the specific paint product you’ve chosen.

Is the job guaranteed?

Yes. We guarantee all of our work for a term of ten years. This begins on the completion date of the project. It is a guarantee against problems caused by poor workmanship and materials. The paint is also backed by a manufacturer’s warranty.

How do you gain access to the top windows?

We need a solid foundation to spray paint UPVC windows and trim above ground level. This is to meet our health and safety duties. Depending on the height of the window, we will either use a stable ladder or create a modest scaffolding platform. We have our own scaffolding, thus there is no extra expense for this.

Do you clean up afterward?

We always clean up after ourselves. We recycle all spray-painting materials, including masking tape, paper, and sheeting. If necessary, we will return plant pots and furniture to their former positions.

Do you have another frequently asked question about UPVC spray painting? We’re delighted to respond. Just give us a call and we’ll try our best to assist you.

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