UPVC Door Painting & Spraying Warwick

Are Your UPVC Doors or Garage Door Looking Tired or Out of Date?

Midland UPVC Coatings Offers a UPVC Door Painting & Door Spraying Service can Totally Transform the Look of Your Doors
We cover the whole of  Warwick and Warwickshire for UPVC door painting and spraying. Warwick is a main town of Warwickshire but we cover its other towns and areas like Kenilworth, Leamington Spa, Atherstone, Nuneaton, Southam, Shipston on Stour, Rugby and Stratford upon Avon.

Our UPVC door painting and spraying in Warwick gives you a 10 year guarantee

The current trend of having coloured UPVC doors continue to grow. The good news is you do not need to buy a new coloured UPVC door. We can spray paint your current doors. You also do not need to limit yourself to what colour you want. We have hundreds of coloured spray paints available to colour your UPVC door.

However people considering on having UPVC door painting are sometimes not sure if spray painting a UPVC works. One of the questions we get asked is 'does the paint stay on the door?' and 'does the paint flake off the door after a short time?'

We answer this by saying 'our UPVC door spraying paint is the most up to date across the industry. It bonds to the door surface, rather than sticking to it. This allows it to flex as the plastic expands and retracts throughout the year'. This eliminates it from cracking or flaking.

Midland UPVC Sprayed Doors in Anthracite Grey

UPVC door Spraying After Photo in Warwick

Our Door Sprayers Will Make Your UPVC Doors More Stylish

The modern trend in Warwick and the UK is to have the same colour UPVC windows and UPVC doors. This makes any house look more stylish. However we can also contrast the colour of your doors with any colour for your windows. This gives it a contemporary contrast. Our UPVC paint spraying service explains in detail all the UPVC painting and paint spraying services for Warwick.

Our UPVC window painting and spraying service goes into detail what we can do for UPVC window spraying  in Warwick.

Our UPVC door sprayers team working in Warwick can talk you through what they think will look great on your home. Currently the most popular colour of choice for a UPVC sprayed painted door is Anthracite Grey and Pale Green. However there are many other colours available.

Your finish will be covered by a 10 year guarantee and your UPVC coloured windows will look brand new.

What is our Process for UPVC Door Painting & Spraying?

Midlands UPVC Coatings have many years experience of UPVC door painting and spraying around Warwick, Warwickshire and the Midlands area. You can be rest assured we will spray your doors to the very highest standards. We alway spray paint in the most efficient way.

Although the UPVC door paint spraying is external, we understand any work on peoples home will impact on the homeowner. So we always work around our customers needs. Fortunately UPVC door paint spraying is a fairly quick process.

Firstly though, our process makes sure you get the very best finish for your UPVC door. Our specialist UPVC door spray paint team will if possible remove the door safely and securely from its position. Then gently prepare the exterior surface for the paint by cleaning off dirt and mould. Finally removing any flaking UPVC or paint. We can, if required, use a primer to remove the appearance of any scratches or indents in the door. We will also make sure there are no holes or damage.

We then mask the glass and protective film the surrounding areas if necessary, to protect from over spray and spatter. The bespoke spray paint is then applied by our team of specialist time served spray technicians.

They use the latest spray painting equipment, giving our customers in Warwick the very highest standard of finish.

The paint will be touch dry in a matter of minutes and we will then assess the quality of finish. Our paint sprayers will only stop when they are 100% satisfied the work is completed to the highest standard. We will then consult the home owner for confirmation they are fully satisfied.

The paint spray team will then replace the door if needed and unmask the surrounding areas. One last clean around and you will have your newly painted or sprayed door, ready for you and your neighbours to enjoy.

There are varying types of companies offering UPVC door painting in Warwick, we cannot comment on them all but we truly believe our UPVC door sprayers are the very best.

Our specialist UPVC spray paint, specifically developed for UPVC, is totally durable and we provide a 10 year guarantee against cracking, peeling and colour stability.

Midland UPVC Painted Door in Pale Green in Warwick

UPVC Door Paint Sprayers for Warwick and Warwickshire

Coloured UPVC Doors Warwick

There are many houses in Warwick with old UPVC doors that may be 10 years old, or even 20 years old. The plain white colour has probably discoloured over time or looks shabby. Your house may have the old brown wood grain effect UPVC door and want a more modern and contemporary coloured UPVC door.

UPVC doors are very expensive to replace and if the door is functioning it seems a waste to replace the whole door. So that is where we can help, we can quickly and efficiently spray paint your UPVC door to a colour you want and remember this is more environmentally friendly than replacing a whole door.

One of the questions we are asked with our UPVC door paint spraying is "what is the cost of spraying UPVC doors?" The true answer is it will all depend upon your exact needs and wishes!

We at Midlands UPVC Coatings always aim to give our customers in Warwick a reliable and free no obligation quote first so you will know the cost before starting.

Factors which may impact on the cost of your coloured UPVC door spraying work may include the size of any doors involved, the chosen colour paint you want, how much paint that is needed and if there is more than one door to be painted at the same time - if we can prepare all the doors at the same time and spray paint them at the same time this will reduce the cost of spraying each door pro rata.

Repainted UPVC door in grey in Warwick
Coloured UPVC door in grey
Reapinted UPVC door in blue in Warwick
Coloured UPVC door in blue
Repainted picture of a UPVC door in green in Warwick
Coloured UPVC door in green
Example of painted UPVC door in black in Warwick
Coloured UPVC door in black

Many Happy Customers!

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Why Choose Midland UPVC Coatings for Your Next UPVC Spraying Project in Warwick?

We are near to Warwick offering a UPVC door paint spraying service for the households of  Warwick as well as other Warwickshire areas like Kenilworth, Leamington Spa, Atherstone, Nuneaton, Southam, Shipston on Stour, Rugby and Stratford Upon Avon.

If you have searched UPVC door sprayers near me, or UPVC door painting near me and you are in Warwick, then you will have found us.

We specialise in complete refurbishments of UPVC as well as UPVC door painting. However we are happy to paint spray individual items like a UPVC windows, a garage door our a conservatory. To complete our UPVC painting service for your home we also spray paint soffits, fascias and cladding. In fact we can spray paint a lot more items around your home like kitchen spray painting, cupboard doors and so on.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and service. Our team understands that our customers in Warwick want the job done quickly, efficiently and with as little mess and fuss as possible.

Whilst always focusing on attention to detail, we work at speed and will do everything we can to make your experience with us a pleasure.

Our goal is always to satisfy our customers in Warwick, delivering a great service that puts style, freshness, desirability and added value back into your homes. Through our high standard of work we get recommendations from our customers.

With 100's of colours to choose from our UPVC spraying service whether its for doors, windows or anything else is the perfect answer to make the exterior and sometime the interior of your property look like new again.

Midland UPVC Door Sprayer in Anthracite Grey in Warwick

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Our UPVC Door Sprayers Cover the Whole of Warwick

They cover the following postcode areas of Warwick and Warwickshire:

Warwick: CV34, CV35
Leamington Spa: CV32, CV32, CV33
Kenilworth: CV8
Atherstone: CV9
Nuneaton: CV10, CV11
Southam: CV47
Shipston on Stour: CV36
Rugby: CV21, CV22, CV23
Stratford upon Avon: CV37

Our UPVC Door paint spraying also covers the smaller areas areas of  Warwickshire like: Harbury Leamington Spa, Cubbington Leamington Spa, Dunchurch Rugby, Brownsover Rugby, Stretton on Dunsmore Rugby, Gaydon, Wellesbourne, Bedworth and Stoke Golding.
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