Spray Painting UPVC: Windows, Doors & Conservatories (& How Much it Costs)

Choosing UPVC Paint

There are many different types of paint available for painting plastics and also many multi-surface paints. However, not all these are permanent coatings and suitable for the recolouring of UPVC windows, doors and conservatories.

The paint we use is chosen for coating and painting UPVC because of its quality. It is engineered specifically for UPVC and we give a 10 year guarantee against fading, peeling and cracking which is vital if you want your newly painted UPVC to last.

The paint can also come in most colours required so this is another reason why we use this UPVC paint

Painted UPVC Windows: Before & After

House Before UPVC Spraying
House After UPVC Spraying Windows & Doors

Before the spraying of white UPVC windows, they may become worn and tired looking. Changing the colour of your UPVC windows can give them a new lease of life. The appearance of your house can be changed by this totally.

UPVC windows generally come in white. Over time homeowners have been wanting to change their colour and the look of their property.

Having their windows and doors sprayed professionally to any colour they want will refresh the look of the house. Having new coloured UPVC windows will also add value to the property and will definitely make it more attractive when selling the property.

It is also more environmentally friendly spray painting UPVC rather that replacing all your windows and doors.

Choosing Spray Paint for UPVC Windows

If you are planning to spray your UPVC windows yourself we would recommend to leave it to a professional like us. Being professional spray painters we will give the best painted results and you will get our 10 year guarantee.

We can quickly and easily change the colour of your old UPVC doors in a day.

How to Paint Plastic/UPVC Window Frames

To paint plastic window frames, you will need to trim any silicone away from the frame first, clean the surfaces then key all the plastic areas to be painted. Once you have done this there is no going back, you will need to paint them.

Then the glass needs masking off and the surrounding areas. Depending on what paints you choose to use you may have to apply a primer first before adding 2 layers of paint or some multi surface paints may say you do not need a primer to paint your UPVC windows.

Hand painting a UPVC windows using a brushes allows you to get into all the crevices. However the downside is that it can leave brush marks and will not give the results a professionally spray painted service achieves.

Can You Paint UPVC Doors?

Yes, it is possible. You can paint UPVC doors yourself but we recommend to leave it to a professional like us. Being professional spray painters we will give the best painted results and you will get our 10 year guarantee.

We can quickly and easily change the colour of your old UPVC doors in a day.

How to Get a UPVC Door Spray Painted

UPVC Paint Sprayed Door

Spray painting a UPVC door is a cost effective way to improve the look of your home with minimal fuss.

Discuss and choose a colour you want from our extensive range available and set your date with us.

The majority of doors tend to have little damage, small scratches and minor cracks can be repaired but any major cracks will still remain. For this reason it advisable to replace the inner panel prior to the service in this instance.

On the day our spray painting technicians will remove all door furnishings, then clean and prepare your door.

The surrounding areas are masked then the paint is applied.

After the painting is completed we refit the furnishings and take off the masking.

We advise it takes a couple of hours for the door to dry.

How Much Does Spray Painting UPVC Windows Cost?

For Upvc window spraying cost expect to pay from £50 to £100 for each small window that you want spraying. This is a from price because there are many factors that affect the cost of spray painting UPVC windows. The final cost depends on the size and the number of openings that each window has. For bay windows, these are normally the most expensive because of the number of individual panels that make up a bay window. Of course the more windows you are spraying the Upvc window spraying cost will reduce per window sprayed.

Midland UPVC Coatings Windows & Doors Sprayed Anthracite Grey

Discounted Cost for Multiple Windows & Doors

If we are spray painting all of your UPVC windows and doors then the cost for each will come down per item so it is best for us to give you an overall price in this instance. Most of our customers do have all of the windows and doors done in one go but if you want to know the price of spray painting one UPVC door or UPVC window then simply send over a picture of it and we will quote based on that for your convenience.

For any cost it is best for a picture and the dimensions, this way the cost can be accurate for you.

Quotes are FREE & simple! Please get in touch with us for a quote on your home.

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