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Recent changes to the way UPVC paint is sprayed has made it easier and cheaper to make old windows and doors look new again. The good thing about this is that they can be made modern by using current colours.

Experts in painting UPVC and upvc respraying we at Midland UPVC Coatings have an excellent reputation as a upvc spraying company.

If you’ve had your UPVC windows, front doors, garage doors, or conservatory for a while, you may have noticed that they have become dull. Even if they are white, it is normal for their colour to get duller and dirtier over time.

Road pollution can dirty up the outsides of houses in the UK. If a house is near a main road, smog particles can land on the outside of its UPVC windows and doors. This makes them look dirty and makes it difficult to clean them.

If this has happened, many people would want to take out all the windows and doors and start over with new ones. But this is not needed and is very expensive.

With upvc painting there is another option. By spray painting them, you can give your home a whole new, more modern look. Compared to changing your windows and doors, it will also save you a lot of money, in fact it can save 75-80% of the cost of replacing them.

We only use the best paints and equipment available and even guarantee our uPVC painting for 10 years.

Many people are searching online for Upvc painters near me. The demand for respraying UPVC has grown rapidly in recent years throughout the UK. Meaning our services as a professional upvc spraying company has also increased.

We are based in Coventry so we cover mainly the Midlands area. The Midlands area also includes other major towns and Cities like Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Leicester, Northampton, Gloucester and Worcester. If you are looking for a upvc spraying company in these areas then you should contact us. We have 5 star reviews online that confirm the quality of our UPVC spraying and painting.

Of course when searching online for Upvc painters near me you will see companies offering these services. We advise it is best to read their reviews and see how long that each company have been operating. This is because over time if paint has not been applied to upvc correctly it will flake off. So if a company has only been around for 1 or 2 years such problems have not had time to show yet.

We have been established for over 5 years now proving we are a highly rated UPVC painting company.

upvc painters near me painted this garage door

Why are people choosing to have their UPVC painted?

Until recent years, residential UPVC spraying was largely unknown. However, now people are becoming aware of the whole makeover that UPVC spraying can offer to a home, and it is becoming very popular due to the cost savings in comparison to new windows or doors.

In the majority of British homes, UPVC windows and doors are installed. They are installed due to their energy efficiency and security, but they lack aesthetic appeal.
People are frequently dissatisfied with the exterior of their residences, particularly the front. And windows and entrances are typically at the forefront of their minds. People frequently want to alter the colour of their UPVC.

However, they are frequently deterred by the expense of a complete replacement of UPVC windows and doors, the inconvenience of arranging it, and the mess it will create.

Windows, doors, conservatories, and even kitchen cabinets can now be repainted and recolored with ease, courtesy of our premier UPVC painting services.

UPVC Painting is reasonably priced, and clients’ daily activities are not disrupted while the painting is done.

UPvc painted door in black

How long should UPVC painting last?

When done correctly with the proper material, you can anticipate a minimum lifespan of ten years.

We use a specialist UPVC paint that was developed particularly for UPVC and is completely durable. It adheres best to uPVC surfaces, such as windows and doors, but can also be applied to other materials.
Included among these are conservatories, garage entrances, and kitchen cabinets. We want you to have the same faith in our paint spraying service as we do. In light of this, we offer a 10-year warranty against cracking, peeling, and pigment stability.

When done correctly, uPVC spray painting ensures that the colour you choose will not diminish over time, regardless of the weather! This colour consistency will ensure that your uPVC window and door spraying will continue to look fantastic for many years. Overall, spray painting is an excellent investment.
However, these are not the only objects that can be painted with uPVC spray paint. It can also be used for kitchen spray painting, allowing you to completely convert your kitchen cabinets with more contemporary hues.

What colours are available for UPVC paint?

Some common colour options include:

White: This is a standard colour for UPVC windows and doors, and it’s often chosen for its clean and neutral appearance.

Cream/Ivory: A softer alternative to white, cream or ivory can provide a warmer look while maintaining a neutral tone.

Brown: Different shades of brown can provide a more natural and earthy appearance, which might complement certain architectural styles.

Grey: Grey UPVC paint is very popular offers a modern and sophisticated look. Light and dark gray shades are commonly available. Anthracite grey is often used instead of black.
It is a very dark grey that gets specified in new build homes and other commercial buildings.

Black: Black is often chosen for a bold and contemporary appearance. It can create a strong contrast with surrounding elements.

Wood Grain Effect: Some UPVC paints are designed to mimic the appearance of wood, offering a traditional look without the maintenance requirements of actual wood.

Other Colours: Depending on the manufacturer, you might find a variety of other colou rs such as green, blue, red, and more.

What is the uPVC spraying cost of individual items?

The average cost of replacing windows is between £400 and £600.
The typical cost of window spraying is roughly from £150.
In the UK, the typical cost of installing double glazing windows is between £4800 and £7200.
The average cost of spray painting all of the windows in a house is between £1000 and £1800

You can find more details about uPVC spraying cost by clicking its link.

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