UPVC Sprayers Near Me

We want to be your chosen UPVC Sprayer to improve the look of your homes UPVC

Are you searching for UPVC sprayers Near Me?

Midland UPVC Coatings Ltd has covered the entire Midlands area for many years.

We are based in Coventry so are happy to cover towns and cities within Warwickshire, West Midlands and East Midlands, like Leicestershire and further south around Northamptonshire.

Because our UPVC spraying is done in a condensed Midlands area customers are not charged extra for travelling times, which other UPVC spraying companies might do.

When you are looking for a specialist UPVC painter and sprayer near me, you should make sure they:

  • Have experience workers with trained spray painting technicians.
  • They have a lot of satisfied clients and excellent reviews.
  • Ready to provide samples of their work.
  • Make use of the proper spray painting tools.
  • Correctly prepare and mask off the areas.
  • Are insured and offer a guarantee on their work.

As leading UPVC paint sprayers we can provide all of these and are more than happy to share any information you need with you.

Our UPVC sprayers near me give a 10 year guarantee on their work

UPVC Spraying has been trending for the last few years

Thousands of British home owners have been searching for UPVC sprayers near me because respraying your home UPVC windows, doors, conservatories and soffits is a lot cheaper than replacing. In fact you can save up to 80% by choosing to spray paint rather than replace your UPVC.

Even though the practise of spraying UPVC has been around for over ten years, few people have been familiar with it. Many people are opting to spray paint UPVC windows and doors, which is a developing trend in home renovation.

It’s now quicker and easier to restore worn out, faded windows and doors without the need for expensive replacements.

House that has had its UPVC sprayed

Why is UPVC Painting and Spraying such a benefit to home owners?

Your UPVC windows, doors, conservatory, and even soffits will look brand new after being painted if they currently look dull, worn out, or outdated.

UPVC won’t remain brand-new for very long because it is exposed to the elements outdoors, including the weather and air pollution. In addition to giving your UPVC windows and doors a fresh look, spraying them will also help to add an additional layer of weather protection.

Finally, homeowners benefit from UPVC paint spraying since it enables them to alter the colour of their windows, doors, garage doors, and conservatories.


If you are looking to have any of your UPVC resprayed in the future then contact us today. We give FREE quotes on UPVC respraying, we just need photos of what you want respraying, it’s as simple as that.

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