UPVC Spray Painters Near Me

Many people are looking to refresh the UPVC on their homes.

UPVC is often referred to as a sort of plastic. However UPVC is not actually constructed of plastic but is made of a vinyl polymer that is bonded to chlorine atoms, which is why regular plastic paints won’t stick for very long.

Nowadays there are better specialist paints that stick to UPVC better. We only use the very best UPVC coating so we can offer a 10 year guarantee on it.

The need for repainting UPVC has come about because unfortunately UPVC over time can fade and look grubby. Dirt in the air and pollutants in the air can fall and in the end stick to what was white UPVC making it look old.

Over time the cost of replacing UPVC items like windows and doors have gone up so much that it is very costly to replace.

These UPVC items still function fine its just that they look old. This is why there is now speciality paints that will coat and adhere to external UPVC to gave them a new lease of life.

It is estimated by having these spray painted saves around 80% cost against the cost of replacing.

People also choose to have their UPVC spray painted because they would like the colour to be changed. It has become one of the latest trends to respray houses windows and doors to a colour other than white. Although people also still choose to have them resprayed white.

One of the most popular colours that we get asked to spray is Anthracite grey. Grey colours of all shades are very popular rather than having a more vibrant black.

While people have their UPVC windows and doors resprayed they also go full on and request for cladding in the same colour as well as soffits and guttering so everything matches.

As well as these we also spray paint garage doors, conservatories and kitchen units. They are all valuable things that are costly to replace.

UPVC conservatory spray painted in anthracite grey colour

Why you should choose us to be your Paint Sprayers

If you are looking for UPVC spray painters near me, we cover the entire Midlands area. This covers cities like Coventry, Solihull, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Leicester as well as towns like Rugby and Northampton further south.

Because our UPVC paint spraying services are only done within the Midlands area our charges do not include for extra travelling time and fuel costs. We also employ all our own spraying staff. Whereas there are some paint spraying companies who employ sub contractors so they can cover the entire UK.

If you are looking for a UPVC spray painters near me, you should check the company for these things:

  • Have they got real samples of their work?
  • What do their online reviews say about them?
  • Are their customers very satisfied with the level of workmanship and customer service?
  • Do they offer a guarantee on their work?
  • Have they been in business for at least 3 years?

This last point is very important. The reason for this is if UPVC have ben painted poorly or incorrectly after around a year after the paint may start flaking. If customers are unhappy you would assume reviews would then show customers that are unhappy.

As leading UPVC paint sprayers we can provide all of these and are more than happy to share any information you need with you.

Our 10 year guarantee from our UPVC spray painters

If you are searching to have any of your UPVC resprayed then contact us today. We give FREE quotes which can be done quickly through email.

Simply send us photos of what you want respraying and we will get back to you with a quote on respraying your UPVC windows, UPVC doors, Composite doors, UPVC conservatories, cladding, soffits, guttering, garage doors and kitchen units.

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