Our On Site Spraying Service

uPVC Spraying Services that will refresh the look of your property

There can be many reasons why you may want to use our spray painting services. You may have noticed that the front of your property is showing signs of wear and tear and is looking tired and dated. Or you may simply want to transform the appearance of your property by repainting it.

Your home can look like new again by having your property professionally spray painted.

Our experienced professional paint sprayers are highly trained and skilled to give the very best finish with our on-site uPVC paint spraying service and deliver the results you want. We give you a 10 year guarantee that your UPVC spray painting work will not fade, crack or peel.

uPVC windows- Before & After being spray painted

before grey
finished grey

1. Efficient, Effective and Affordable

Whether you want to repair surface damage or increase your property’s curb appeal, you don’t have to invest in costly replacement UPVC windows and UPVC doors. 

Instead, having your property spray painted is more than enough to completely transform the aesthetic value and impact of your entire property.

Having hundreds of coloured UPVC spray paints available means you have an extensive choice. We can match colours on existing UPVC windows and doors as well as RAL colours, Dulux and British Standard Colour.

2. Our On-Site Spraying Services repaint many things like:

The majority of our spraying services are performed on site, which includes:

UPVC window spraying
UPVC door spraying
Repaint garage door
UPVC conservatory spraying
Fascias painting 
Exterior house painting
Kitchen spraying

3. Why Should You Use On-Site Spraying Services?

Midland UPVC Coatings Windows & Doors Sprayed Anthracite Grey

The appearance and condition of your property can have a considerable influence on how people view and value it. Over time UPVC windows and doors can become discoloured and lose their lustre.

Something such as discoloured or peeling UPVC windows and doors can impact your property’s overall aesthetic appeal. 

Our cost effective paint spraying solution is perfect for all types of properties. So it is easy to have brand new looking UPVC windows, doors, garage doors, house fascias and conservatories, without the cost and upheaval of replacing all your UPVC.

4. Professional On Site uPVC Paint Spraying Service

Working with experienced and professional spray painters, is a much more efficient option than you might think. Dependant on the complexity of the job, work can be completed within two days for a complete transformation. Our specialists will produce incredible results, with minimal disruption to the home owners.

5. We give Free No-Obligation Quote for our spray painting services

For a free no-obligation quote, simply fill in our quick enquiry form here and we’ll get back to you, usually within 24 hours. Or if you prefer you can call us on 024 7736 0030 or email us hello@midlandupvccoatings.com

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