UPVC Painting will Improve the Look of Your House on a Budget

Paint Spray Your UPVC Windows & Doors

Most houses in the UK have UPVC windows and UPVC doors installed. They are installed because they are energy efficient and secure, but they lack style. The front of peoples homes are often the area of the home that people are not totally satisfied with. And it’s the windows and doors that are normally central to their thoughts. Often people would like to simply change the colour of their UPVC.

But they are often put off by the cost of a full replacement of UPVC windows and doors and the hassle of arranging it and the mess that it will make.

Now with Midlands UPVC coatings first class UPVC painting services your windows, doors, conservatory or even your kitchen units can be re painted and recoloured – simply.

UPVC Painting is affordable and certainly with external spray painting clients are not interrupted in their daily living.

Upvc Spraying: Before & After

House Paint Spraying Anthracite Windows After

Can you Paint UPVC Windows & Doors?

We get asked this all the time! Yes, it is possible. You can paint UPVC windows and doors yourself but we recommend to leave it to experts like us.

Being professional paint sprayers we will give the best painted results and you will get our 10 year guarantee.

For many years we have spray painted UPVC using our expert team of paint sprayers along with our paint developed for spraying onto UPVC.

In the past the traditional way of painting onto UPVC may have put people off having this done.
But as more and more properties totally change the look of their homes we have noticed more clients now have total confidence in paint spraying onto UPVC.

What Colours Can You Paint Spray onto UPVC Windows & Doors?

With the advancement of UPVC paint also means we can match to another colour, so you are not limited to any colour.

If you want to check out some colours that are available have a look on www.britishstandardcolour.com. This gives various colour options with the equivalent of British standards reference number so if you find a colour you like here take a note of its reference number and let us know.

You will be amazed how we can take dull white UPVC windows and doors and paint spray them to look totally modern. They will refresh the look of your house it will definitely add value to it.

So if you want to improve the look of your house on a budget choose to have your UPVC windows and doors refreshed and updated with our paint spraying services.

How Much Does Painting UPVC Windows Cost?

Midland UPVC

As a guide to paint a small UPVC window that you will cost from £50-£100. This is a from price because there are many factors that affect the cost of paint spraying UPVC windows.

The final cost will also depend on the size and the number of openings that each window has. The more openings will add to the final cost.

UPVC bay windows are normally the most expensive to paint because they have a larger number of individual panels to paint around that make up a bay window.

You do not have to wait months and months either for paint spraying UPVC windows, we can often get your job scheduled in within a few weeks of confirming the go ahead.

To make your enquiry either call us on 024 7736 0030 or email us hello@midlandupvccoatings.com
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