How Long Does UPVC Spray Paint Last For?

We’re Often Asked How Long Do Spray Painted uPVC Windows and Doors Last?

When it’s done correctly with the right product, you can expect it to last for 10 years, and that’s the minimum.

We use a specialist UPVC paint, which is specifically developed for UPVC and is totally durable. It is best spray painted onto uPVC like windows and doors but can be used on many things. These include conservatories, garage doors and kitchen cabinets. We want you to have the confidence we have in our paint spraying service. For this reason we provide a 10 year guarantee against cracking, peeling and colour stability.

When uPVC spray painting is done properly, it makes sure the colour you choose does not fade over time, no matter what the weather is doing! This colour consistency will ensure your uPVC window spraying, and uPVC door spraying look great for many years to come. All in all spray painting is a very worthwhile investment.
But these are are not the only things that uPVC spray paint can be applied to. It can be used for kitchen spray painting aswell to totally transform your kitchen units using more modern colours.

UPVC Spray Painting Door

There are literally thousands of colours to choose from when spray painting UPVC amongst our specially formulated UPVC paint range. We can colour match existing UPVC windows and doors as well as British Standard Colour, Dulux and RAL colours.

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