Why is UPVC Spraying so Popular and Who Should I Use?

UPVC spraying is popular because it allows to refresh your UPVC around your home. The UPVC that gets sprayed is usually doors, windows, garage doors, conservatories, kitchen units and fascias and soffits.
UPVC spraying is a cheaper alternative to refresh these items when compared to replacing them.
If you want to change the colour of your UPVC windows, doors, conservatories, kitchen units, fascias and soffits, it’s a shame to replace them to do this unless they are broken.

Suppliers of UPVC windows and doors realised that people were wanting these in different colours a few years ago, but has been really driven by UPVC paint sprayers like ourselves showing the way.

There are a range of UPVC doors and windows in different colours but they are still limited in choice of colour. Our UPVC spraying paint can match any RAL number. RAL is a colour matching system that is used in Europe and paints are created for that RAL number. There are roughly 2,540 RAL colours that exist. So you are definitely not limited when choosing UPVC spraying.

Colour Choice is a Massive Reason Why UPVC Spraying is so Popular

Of course there are some colours that are the classic go to colours, like for example Anthracite grey. Anthracite grey as a RAL number is 7016. You can view it by clicking here.

In fact RAL 7016 is the most popular and specified colour. Driven by the production of aluminium fabricated products like doors, windows and conservatories, patio doors and bi folding doors, Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016) has developed into one of the most specified powder coating colours.

Home owners want to replicate the look and styling of these on their home UPVC items. UPVC paint spraying is the cheapest way and also the most convenient way. The most popular service we do is UPVC window spraying and UPVC door spraying.

Midland UPVC Spraying Windows in Anthracite Grey
UPVC Spraying Door in Anthracite Grey

So UPVC spraying is definitely increasing especially with people trying to do it themselves. There are ranges of paint that have been developed to go onto wood, plastics and concrete. Yes, the same paint that will go onto all these surfaces. But people quickly realise having specialist skills and knowledge is the only way to guarantee a high quality job.

That brings me onto the next question who should yo use for UPVC paint spraying?

Who Should I use for UPVC Paint Spraying?

The answer is that you need to use a reputable UPVC spraying company. By that I mean someone that does an excellent job but also will go back and sort snags out.

Check out their reviews. Take our Google Reviews for instance – to date we have 83 five star reviews spanning over 2 years.

This is relevant because even though it illustrates we do a good job at the start it also means that any problems have been sorted.

You need to make sure the UPVC paint sprayers you choose are very well experienced at applying this type of paint. The application is very important.

If the air temperature is too cold the paint won’t work. Also if there is too much moisture in the air that can cause problems. You see UPVC will expand and contract at least 6 to 8 times in a year. If the coatings that have been applied doesn’t move with the plastic this can cause all kinds of issues.

So following on from this, you need to make sure the paint used is the very best type.

A true UPVC Coating will last over 10 years but these types of paint are expensive. So if you get a quote to spray the UPVC on a whole house for £1000 or less then this will not last for more than 2 years.

A UPVC paint coating is expensive because it must have UV stabilisers in it and must be highly flexible and be able to move with the different seasonal weather that we have in the UK.

Look for a 10 Year Guarantee

Just like what we offer, we use the very best of the UPVC paint so we can pass on this guarantee.

There are UPVC painters springing up offering cheap prices because they are using cheaper paint. But when it starts to have problems will they be around to sort them? I doubt it because if they have charged a cheap price then there is no margin in the work to be able to go back and sort any issues out.

That’s good news for us, in fact a lot of our work is correcting other UPVC sprayers work.

Choosing us for your UPVC spraying takes away any worry and guarantees the very best UPVC spray painting.

To make your enquiry either call us on 024 7736 0030 or email us hello@midlandupvccoatings.com

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