Why You Should Spray Paint Rather Than Brush Paint

If you are thinking about painting your existing UPVC windows, front doors, garage doors or even kitchen units yourself, you will have a choice of using a paint brush or a paint roller.We explain why the only trusted way is to spray them if you want a finish to be proud of. So Why is Paint Spraying Better? Spraying is … Read More

How Long Does UPVC Paint Colour Last For?

Before we answer that we need to advise that people think it is paint that goes onto your UPVC to repaint it and spray it. But it isn’t a paint it is a specially formulated coating for UPVC, hence our company name Midland UPVC Coatings. A professionally applied UPVC coating should last over 10 years easily and we know it … Read More

What to do if You Need UPVC Painting Repairs

With the advent of specialist UPVC and plastic paints, people are aware UPVC Windows, UPVC Doors, Conservatories, Garage Doors, Soffits, Fascias and Guttering can be painted instead of having to just be replaced. This has become very popular over recent years mainly because of the availability of specialist UPVC paints and the ever increasing cost of replacing UPVC Windows, UPVC … Read More

Why is UPVC Spraying so Popular and Who Should I Use?

UPVC spraying is popular because it allows to refresh your UPVC around your home. The UPVC that gets sprayed is usually doors, windows, garage doors, conservatories, kitchen units and fascias and soffits.UPVC spraying is a cheaper alternative to refresh these items when compared to replacing them.If you want to change the colour of your UPVC windows, doors, conservatories, kitchen units, … Read More