UPVC Window and Door Painting Offers and Deals

Why not renovate your property to kick off the new year? Your internal and external UPVC can be painted any colour to give it a brand-new look. For a free, no-obligation quote and to find out how we can help you restore the stunning appearance of your house, get in touch with us immediately. We currently have a number of … Read More

How to Spray Paint UPVC Windows

If you are looking to repaint your UPVC windows you may think that you can paint them. In theory you can paint your own UPVC windows but what will they look like you want is the next question. Most DIYers will think that they just need a plastic specialist paint and a paint brush or roller. But in reality this … Read More

How Does UPVC Spray Painting Work?

To ensure we do a thorough job and give the best finish for your UPVC windows and doors, we follow a structured process when we spray paint UPVC. The uPVC paint spraying process includes the following: 1. Preparation The surface to be painted must be clean and clear. The cleaning agent we use thoroughly cleans the UPVC of traffic film, … Read More

How Long Does UPVC Spray Paint Last For?

We’re Often Asked How Long Do Spray Painted uPVC Windows and Doors Last? When it’s done correctly with the right product, you can expect it to last for 10 years, and that’s the minimum. We use a specialist UPVC paint, which is specifically developed for UPVC and is totally durable. It is best spray painted onto uPVC like windows and … Read More