How much does it cost to spray UPVC?

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UPVC Spraying Cost?

The uPVC spraying cost compared to replacing is known to save customers up to 75%. So whatever the Upvc item is, for example upvc windows or Upvc doors you will save up to this amount by having it resprayed.
Of course some uPVC windows and doors may be in such a condition that respraying them does not repair the problem completely. But in many cases the upvc may have just got dirty or faded, in these instances respraying the uPVC is a great alternative.

uPVC Spraying Cost

How Much Does UPVC Spray Painting Actually Cost?

The cost of spraying the UPVC elements of your property is ultimately determined by the intricacy and length of the project at hand. As a result, we strongly advise you to contact us and tell us about your needs and expectations, and we will use this information to give you with a free and no-obligation price.

Whether you want to repaint your entire house or just a window or door, UPVC spray painting will always be less expensive than replacing. Restoration and repair are also part of our spraying service.
If there are any chips, scratches, or stains, we will repair them before painting; in a nutshell, replacing windows, doors, and conservatories is usually not required.

After our uPVC sprayers have done their magic on your house, the result will be perfect and flawless. Your windows and doors will appear brand new, with no indication that they have been sprayed.

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Individual costs of spraying uPVC

The typical cost of replacing windows is between £400 and £600.
The typical cost of window spraying is roughly from £150.
In the UK, the average cost of installing double glazing windows is between £4800 and £7200.
The typical cost of spray painting all of the windows in a house is between £1000 and £1800.

When it comes to comparing costs of spraying uPVC with replacing the uPVC items you can see how the massive savings are made.

Examples of spraying costs v replacing uPVC


The cost to respray a Upvc window starts at £150 whereas to replace it costs £500.


The cost to respray a Upvc door starts at £250 compared to replace it costs £650.


The cost to respray a Garage door starts at £250 whereas to replace a garage door costs £950.
This is a massive cost saving because of how intricate it is to replace a garage door.


The cost to respray a Upvc conservatory starts at £900 compared to replace a conservatory costs £6000.
Again this is a huge saving, if you simply want to refresh the look of your conservatory having it resprayed saves the customer so much and the hassle of rebuilding a new conservatory.


The cost to respray a kitchen starts at £1000 whereas to replace a full kitchen starts from £5000.


The cost to respray a typical house of its windows and external doors are from £1000 compared to replace them costing around £5000.

Factors influencing the cost of UPVC spraying

The final cost of any uPVC spraying will depend on the clients requirements and circumstances.

There are certain factors that will affect the final price you will pay, these are for example:

  1. The more items sprayed will increase the total cost however the more uPVC items resprayed will bring down the unit cost of each item.
  2. Your location
  3. The size and area of the windows, doors, conservatory or garage door.
  4. The number of opening windows. These take longer to mask off and prepare.
  5. Accessibility can affect the cost, is there scaffolding required or even a cherry picker etc.
  6. Repairing any imperfections before actually starting the spraying. For example any cracks that will need filling prior to the work.

But overall the upvc spraying cost is going to save on average 75% on replacing the items.

To get an accurate upvc respray cost we always ask for people to send in photos of the items to be spray painted and we will give them a quote there and then.

However if you just want to know average cost to respray some uPVC items here is our list but as advised previously there are factors that will affect these:





Windows and Doors Cost to Spray

UPVC doors and windows are the home components that are most popular with our UPVC sprayers.

UPVC Window Spraying Cost

The cost of spray-painting uPVC windows and window frames is proportional to the quantity and size of windows that need to be repainted. Typically, you should paint the majority or all of your windows simultaneously to ensure uniformity. The cost will increase proportionately with the size of your residence and the number of windows you have.

We are competitive and honest, and we will always strive to provide you with the most competitive quote feasible. The greater the price, the more you spray. On average, spraying UPVC windows costs approximately £150 per window.

Door Painting Cost

Given the amount of exposure and use that a door endures, it is inevitable that it will gradually lose its radiance and shine over time. Nevertheless, it is genuinely remarkable what a new coat of paint can do. It is much more affordable than replacing a door.

You can entirely transform the appearance of your property by painting even one door. Spraying a UPVC door and frame costs approximately £250 on average.

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