Window frame spraying

All Windows at the Back of a Coventry House Showing Preparation for Painting

If you want to spray your window frames, you may believe that you can accomplish it. In theory, you can spray your own window frames, but the next question is how they will look.

Most DIYers believe that all they need is a specialty paint and a paint brush or roller. However, this is not enough and will not accomplish your objectives. After all, if you’re wanting to respray your window frames, you probably don’t like the way they look right now. Trying to repaint your window frames perfectly is not an option because you will be unable to achieve a professional finish.

This is due to the fact that you will need to paint spray window frames with expert spraying equipment.

You’ll need not only this equipment, but also the correct paint and years of experience spraying things like windows, doors, garage doors, and kitchen cabinets.

Why It is not best to spray your window frames yourself

  1. Firstly to paint spray windows to a professional finish you need to have experience.
  2. You need to have access to buying the best possible paint. The paint used in our trade for window frame painting is actually referred to as a coating, that is why we are names Midlands UPVC coatings Ltd.
  3. Specialist paint spraying equipment is required.
  4. Preparation experience cannot be overlooked.

The basic principle of painting if not done correctly can cause all sorts of problems with your windows.

Using a paint brush can often lead to brush marks showing in the finished paint layer. Also poor painting techniques can lead to runs in the paint and coating it too thinly which will end up fading.

On the other hand using a paint brush can often lead to overloading it with paint and you can end up with using too much paint.

What are the Stages of window frame paint spraying?

  1. We mask off the areas not to be painted before painting anything.
    We recommend using a high strength adhesive film, designed specifically for glass.
  1. Clean with chemicals.
    We chemically clean the areas to be painted. The specialist chemicals clean away all the dirt and weathering on the window frames.
  1. Framing.
    Any bricks and other surrounding materials are covered and protected against any overspraying of the paint.
  1. Add the grip coat.
    The very important grip coat which is like an undercoat is applied. It only needs to be thinly added but is so important because the paint uses this to grip to. If not applied properly this can lead to flaking off of the paint in the future.
  1. Add the top coat.
    The top coat will be applied professionally to get a smooth painted finish.
Window frames taped around before spraying
Bay window masked off ready for window frame spraying
All Windows at the Back of a Coventry House Showing Preparation for Painting
Windows frames of a Coventry House prepared for Painting

Why you may want to spray your windows

Our professional window frame spraying service always make sure you get your window frames painted so they look like new. When you compare to replacing your windows to painting your windows there is a saving up to 75%. Another benefit of window frame spraying is that you can change the colour of them. The current trend is to change standard white window frames to a colour. The most popular trending colour is Anthracite grey.
If you are considering having your windows repainted correctly then please contact us today for a quote.
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