What is The Difference Between PVC and UPVC?

PVC and UPVC are both frequently used building materials. The production of pipes, doors, windows, cladding, gutters, casings, and fixings can be done using either one of them. There is only one distinction between them: PVC contains phthalates and BPA, two plasticizers that give it more flexibility.

Guttering on House
PVC Guttering

UPVC is more frequently utilised as a substitute for wood in products like doors and windows because it has a higher degree of rigidity and harder surface than PVC (as a result of the lack of those plasticizers). Products made of UPVC survive forever if they aren’t damaged and are easier to make in large quantities than those made of wood. So UPVC became very popular in the manufacture of windows and doors in the UK and worldwide.

Because of the ever changing weather conditions in the UK UPVC was the perfect durable material to be used externally on houses.

UPVC Door Being Sprayed in Coventry

PVC is frequently used to make pipework because it is more flexible than UPVC. Because of this, it is ideally suited for usage in buildings and underground because it can curve while retaining strength during the manufacturing process.

The majority of windows, doors, and other construction fixtures like gutters are now built of UPVC, whilst the majority of pipework is made of PVC. Because it is more stronger, UPVC is regarded as a superior option for doors and windows.

So What is the Difference?

As previously said, there is only one significant distinction between PVC and UPVC, and that is the presence of BPA and phthalates, two plasticizers that give PVC its flexibility. On closer inspection, the two polymers are identical, and they are also identical to the touch. The only variations relate to their chemistry and potential applications.

Can Both Materials be Spray Painted?

Spray paint made for plasticized and unplasticized polymers can be used on PVC and UPVC alike. If these paints are seen in hardware stores, they are typically solvent-based and but are not typically available.

Regarding the finish’s quality, as long as these two plastics are spray painted in thin, even layers, the result can be so convincing that it will seem as though the plastic was created in the new colour from the beginning.

To get such a professional finish it is wise to employ specialist UPVC painters like ourselves.

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