Top Five Benefits of Spray Painting UPVC Windows

Firstly we need to explain what is UPVC painting and UPVC spraying? UPVC Paint is a specialised paint that is sprayed on plastic. It is available in a variety of colours and can be used to coat or cover PVC, PVCu, (UPVC), and many other types of hard or hardened plastic, including ABS, polycarbonate, acrylic, and polyester powder coatings.

Regular paint won’t adhere to the smooth, shiny surface of plastic very well since it expands, and as a result, the paint will eventually peel and split. This problem has been remedied with the use of UPVC paint, which will actually chemically bond with the plastic to create a full protective covering as well as a new colour and appearance. The UPVC paint covering, which is now flexible, will protect the UPVC frames from heat and UV radiation.

We hardly ever receive requests for completely new UPVC frames to be sprayed because clients may simply choose the colour of the frames they wanted in the first place.

UPVC paint keeps its colour without noticeably fading because it is so UV resistant and colour stable.
One very important aspect is that for the first 6 to 12 months after installation, we advise avoiding painting brand-new UPVC. This is due to the fact that after UPVC frames are built, certain resins may be released over the course of the first few months, similar to how you must wait for plaster to completely dry before painting a wall.

UPVC Paint Spraying Windows & Doors in Anthracite Grey Midland UPVC Coatings
Completed Spray Painted Windows

Here are 5 top benefits of spray painting UPVC windows

1. Spray Painting UPVC Windows is Fashionable

A nearly effortless approach to make your property seem amazing is to spray paint the UPVC windows. It’s easy to do, in fact it is window frame spraying but it works astonishingly well and produces benefits that last.

The RAL colour chart contains a tonne of lovely paint colours from which to choose. Your home or commercial property can look brand new with whatever colour you choose!

2. Spraying is Cheaper than Replacing

Spray painting your UPVC windows is not only significantly less expensive than replacing them, but it is also significantly more effective. Replacing windows would cost about 20% more than spray painting them. Savings of up to 80% make this offer worthwhile. window frame spraying

Compared to window replacement and hand painting, it is far more economical because it uses fewer materials. In addition, the quality of the spray paint allows you to obtain more value for your money.

You won’t have to worry about spending money to repair or upgrade your freshly coated UPVC windows for a very long time because they will last for at least 10 years.

3. Spraying Window Frames is Effective

Instead of replacing your UPVC windows, think about simply spray painting them! You may quickly and easily spray paint UPVC windows, which will save you a lot of time and work.

Since no building or construction is necessary, you also get to escape all the hassles associated with a replacement. Unlike replacements, which typically take days or weeks to complete, UPVC window spraying can be finished in only a few days!

Additionally, painting UPVC windows is a lot less disruptive and dirty. Your painted windows will be touch dry in 24 hours and require less equipment than a replacement.

4. Durability of Paint

When you use paint for UPVC windows, window maintenance is taken care of for you.

When properly applied by experienced window painters, the UV-protective specialised paint can increase the lifespan of your current UPVC windows.

It is advantageous to have this level of durability because it is useful. Since your painted window frames will require little to no maintenance after spraying, it saves money, time, and effort.

5. Windows Painting is Versatile

It isn’t just UPVC windows that can get the benefits of being spray painted. Other types of windows can be sprayed like:

  • PVC Windows & PVC Frames
  • Wooden Windows
  • Aluminium / Metal Windows
  • Porch Windows
  • Shopfront Windows
  • Hotel windows
  • Office windows

It even extends beyond windows! We can spray paint kitchens doors, garage doors, conservatories and more.

Midland UPVC Sprayed Doors in Anthracite Grey in Birmingham
Completed Picture of Sprayed Porch Windows
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