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The recent advancement in the process of UPVC paint spraying has made it easier and more affordable to refresh the look of old windows and doors. The advantage of this is they can be made up to date modern using modern colours.

Coventry UPVC painting and kitchen respraying experts Midland UPVC Coatings have been specialising in all aspects of UPVC painting and spraying for many years now.

You may have noticed how your UPVC windows, front doors or even your garage doors and conservatory have gone dull if you have had them some years. It is quite normal for their colour even if white to go duller and grimier with dirt.

Houses in the UK are open to road pollution. Where houses are on main roads they will get pollution particles landing on their exterior UPVC of windows and doors. This makes them look dirty and is not easy to keep clean. For this reason over time gets into the surface of the windows and doors and makes them look dirty.

If this has occurred many people would like to rip out all the windows and doors and start again by having replacement windows and doors. However this is very expensive and not required. There is another solution. Spraying them will give your property a whole new modern look. It will also save you a lot of money when compared to replacing your windows and doors.

We even offer a 10 year guarantee on all of our paint spraying work and we only use the best quality industry paints and machinery.

Spraying the External Windows and Doors of House in Coventry
External Windows and Doors of House Sprayed in Coventry

UPVC Window Sprayers

We are experts at UPVC window spraying.

No matter the size or the current state of the UPVC in your home, we provide expert paint spraying service due to our extensive experience and understanding.

Our extensive professional spraying experience guarantees a flawless result each and every time.

Your UPVC windows will look like new again giving your house a new modern look. Your windows can be sprayed using a matt, satin, or glossy paint to suit your preferences.

We provide a 10 year guarantee on all of our paint spraying work, ensuring that the paint won’t fade, fracture, or peel within that time.

UPVC Windows Being Sprayed in Coventry
UPVC Windows Being Sprayed in Coventry

UPVC Door Sprayers

We are the local Coventry experts in spraying UPVC doors. Do you think your UPVC doors appear dated? No problem we can alter the colour without any fuss.

We provide quick and inexpensive spray painting services for all types of residences. We back up all of our work with a 10 year guarantee.

Your door can be spray painted in whatever colour you can think of. We can apply it with a matt, satin, or glossy finish to match your ideal.

Your UPVC door will look completely different after using our paint spraying service and at a cost that makes it well worthwhile.

We can recolour your door in a colour chosen by yourself and can be done just in 1 day.

UPVC Door Being Sprayed in Coventry
UPVC Door Being Sprayed in Coventry

UPVC Kitchen Spraying

Midland UPVC Coatings is a company that specialises in both inside and external spraying. As one of the most in demand Coventry UPVC and kitchen respraying professionals, we can completely change the design of your kitchen by spray-painting the cabinets and doors any colour you choose to give them a fresh appearance. This is a fantastic way to give the home’s kitchen some special attention that will set it apart from the other rooms.

A kitchen respray is the ideal way to make a change without incurring the high cost of replacing the entire kitchen.

You can give your kitchen a distinctive and individual touch that makes it genuinely yours for a fraction of the cost of replacement by spray-painting the cabinets the colour you desire.

We can spray the plinths, cornice, gables, doors, and drawer fronts to make your kitchen one you are proud of again.

Spray Painted Kitchen
Spray Painted Kitchen

If you want your UPVC windows, doors, garage doors, conservatory or kitchen repainted correctly, then please contact us today for a quote.

To make your enquiry either call us on 024 7736 0030 or email us

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