Why You Should Spray Paint Rather Than Brush Paint

If you are thinking about painting your existing UPVC windows, front doors, garage doors or even kitchen units yourself, you will have a choice of using a paint brush or a paint roller.
We explain why the only trusted way is to spray them if you want a finish to be proud of.

So Why is Paint Spraying Better?

  1. Spraying is quicker – If you use a quality paint sprayer the time taken to spray items is much quicker when compared to painting with a brush or roller.
    With that said when spraying uPVC windows, UPVC doors, garage doors and kitchen units there is more preparation. But for even allowing for this it is still much faster.
    The larger the actual area the more time will be saved.
  2. Spray painting uses less paint – When brushing the paint is absorbed into the bristles meaning paint is wasted. Also when applying paint it is very difficult to keep things even meaning often paint
    goes on too thick in places. With spray painting the paint goes on more smoothly.
  3. Spray paint gives a neater and more professional finish – DIYers will know painting UPVC windows and doors with a brush is difficult.
    It is very hard to avoid painting over edges and onto panes of glass.
    Also brush strokes can often show in the paint and is not as smooth as spray painting. What is the point of going to the trouble of repainting your windows and doors to improve them when painting
    them with a brush will only have the opposite effect.

Why Should You Use a Professional UPVC Painter and Sprayer?

Spray painting requires an experienced person who understands how to apply paint spray and knows about the best conditions to do it under. We would recommend at leat 2 years experience of paint spraying items moving up to larger things like UPVC windows and doors. Although we all think I can paint that, spraying is not as easy as you may think.

Preparation is key to paint spraying whatever the thing being painted is. If this is not done correctly you could end up with having to repaint.

Here is Our Process to Professional Paint Spraying

Preparation of the things and areas to be painted – a professional sprayer will clean all the dirt and grime off the surface to be painted.

Preparing a UPVC Door for Spray Painting
Preparing a UPVC Door for Painting
Preparing Around a UPVC Window Before Spray Painting It
UPVC Window Prepared for Paint Spraying

Masking off the areas – Prior to painting anything we make sure the areas that do not require paint is masked off thoroughly.
Even using the best quality materials makes a difference like using quality plastic film sheeting, masking rolls and quality masking tape.

Chemically cleaning the areas to be painted – When UPVC spraying, professional sprayers like ourselves will use chemicals to clean away all the dirt and weathering that will have affected the area. The best known chemicals
will play a big part in stripping the dirt away from UPVC windows and doors before spraying them.

Applying a grip coat – Like an undercoat for traditional painting this is the the first layer of paint which is applied. Why this is important is that this gives a foundation for further paint to grip to.

The finishing coat – This is the final stage where the chosen paint colour is applied. Four UPVC painting it is a specialist coating that is applied rather than a paint.

After painting – Once the paint spray has dried we remove all the masking off we have applied and clean up the area around. Our aim is to leave it as clean as when we started.

It will be done with minimal disruption – We understand clients do not want us around a minute longer than we need to be. A professional paint sprayer will do the work a lot more efficiently because they are doing it everyday.

Our team of paint sprayers always put our clients first and only want to do the very best work for them. With online reviews so important for getting new clients we guarantee that you will get the very best of service form us.

Choosing us at Midland UPVC Coatings Ltd for UPVC paint spraying gives you peace of mind also because of our 10 year guarantee against your paint fading.

We can give you a free no obligation quote today. To make your enquiry either call us on 024 7736 0030 or email us hello@midlandupvccoatings.com

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